The Kentucky Medical Services Foundation, Inc. (KMSF) was founded in 1978 with two primary missions that have guided its activities and focus for more than 35 years: To bolster efforts to recruit and retain the best clinicians to ensure the provision of high-quality health care for the region and the Commonwealth; To serve as a charitable organization to support the education, research, service and patient care missions of the University of Kentucky and UK HealthCare®.


Information Technology Services

KMSF IT Services include:

  • Oversight and monitoring of all KMSF related systems;
  • Develops and maintains automated solutions for KMSF business processes
  • Development and maintenance of mission-critical systems including Soarian, Signature and Medaptus;
  • Maintaining workstations and printers;
  • Networking and maintenance of servers;
  • Installing and supporting telecommunications;
  • Maintaining network and security help desk for all users;
  • Manages information security issues and regulatory compliance for information technology resources;
  • Coordinates responses to outside audits involving IT security and regulatory compliance for protecting IT resources;
  • Investigates and responds to IT security incidents involving possible loss of information technology resources