The Kentucky Medical Services Foundation, Inc. (KMSF) was founded in 1978 with two primary missions that have guided its activities and focus for more than 35 years: To bolster efforts to recruit and retain the best clinicians to ensure the provision of high-quality health care for the region and the Commonwealth; To serve as a charitable organization to support the education, research, service and patient care missions of the University of Kentucky and UK HealthCare®.

KMSF Administration

Carrie Cassis
Executive Director, KMSF  
Cindy Gillespie
Office Manager  

KMSF Directors

Brenda Nichols
Director, Human Resources  
Colette Mink
Director, Revenue Cycle Management  
Shelby Gorman
Director, Documentation & Coding Education  
Chris Walters
Director, Information Technology  
Katerina Molina
Director, Finance & Accounting  
Michelle Monticello
Director, Project Management Office